AIS Recruitment

We’ll make finding, retaining and up-skilling your workforce simple and hassle-free

We have access to hundreds of the global energy industry’s best people. Highly qualified, extremely competent and very motivated, everyone on our database is fully vetted to ensure they’ll deliver your operations safely and efficiently to the highest industry standards.

As well as helping you find the right people for the job, we can help you retain and up-skill these individuals for the long-term benefit of your business.

Whether you need a new site manager or an entire project team we can help source, vet and even employ as a third party to get the job done with minimum risk.

Bringing the perfect candidates to the right doors in one easy step.

Helping train and develop the best in the industry.

Our comprehensive portfolio of more than sixty industry approved courses and competency assessments is one of the world’s best. All delivered under one roof at our multi-million-pound state-of-the-art training complex in North Tyneside.  From regular competency assessments and skills training to performance appraisals and psychometric testing, we help the energy industry have the safest, most effective and highest skilled workers in the world.

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